Blood Bay Bags

Durable bags designed specifically to carry and protect BDSM toys.
Striking cuffs and collars that are waterproof and don't easily stretch or deform.
An eye for design with a specific bent towards bondage, pet play, and making it look as good stored away as it does in use.

What We Do

Blood Bay Bags is a one person shop run by myself! I make every bag, cuff, and collar in my small shop. I am trans-nonbinary and use they/them pronouns.

I started Blood Bay Bags after I'd been in my local community for a couple of years. The beautiful toys I'd bought from local makers just looked sad sitting in a duffel or suitcase. I wanted a bag that I could easily carry, designed to keep my toys in good condition and to display them in a way that was useful during a scene without having to dump them all out.

As a pony myself, I always wanted to expand into bondage gear and eventually tack. I started making Biothane restraints because the material is really cool and it's waterproof, durable nature makes it great for some of the scenes I like best. The awesome range of unique colors and qualities is a bonus and I love getting to make them available to my clients.